Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PiNk PaNcAkEs & VaLeNtInE's

For Valentine's Day, I made pink pancakes for breakfast. And no, I didn't just add food coloring, the color came from Beets that I added to them. (straight from the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook). Riley knew they were special pancakes and didn't want to disapoint me so after her first bite she said, "Well, maybe with some more syrup they'll be good." Then she and Luke each ate them like normal. Phew! I was kind of worried about ruining Valentine's Day by putting beets in their pancakes!


The Jones Family said...

I decided that you are like super mom...I think I need lessons. Some days I am lucky if I even get dressed for the day and I only have one kid! I got Deceptively Delicious for Christmas but haven't tried any of the recipes yet so you'll have to let me know which one's are really good :)

Kelli and Quincy said...

Cute Tam!! Riley is so sweet to say that about the pink pancakes. I also love her Valentine's day outfit. What a fun mom you are!

Julie said...

Sharelle, I mean Tami, you are mom of the year once again. I am officially out of the running for that title because never in my life would I have thought of pink pancakes for Valentines day.