Sunday, May 18, 2008

Riley's Dance Recital/ Fiasco

Riley was so excited for her Dance Recital this year. But, with her on again off again bug she's had for 3 weeks that makes her puke and have horrible stomach pain and diarrhea, I knew it was inevitable that her Recital would be hard for her to get through. Of course, the Recital Day was the worst of it yet. She was puking before we even left and then thought she would be okay. Poor girl. This first pic is her in the dressing room trying so hard to be tough and not cry. But, she danced her first dance and even managed to smile. Then backstage she puked and puked. She had awhile to lay down, and then it was onto her next dance. She was determined to make it through and with the little strength she had, she did it. You would never know she was so sick. Afterwards, she was so happy that she made it through and just wanted to be held as she watched the rest of the recital. She taught me a huge lesson. Sometimes things are so tough and you would rather just sit out, but with a little courage and determination, you can make it through even with a smile on your face! What a strong little girl. We are so proud of her!

Trev's B-day Cake

Playing Baseball

Riley and Luke loving playing baseball right now. Riley starts T-Ball next month and I think Luke is going to have a hard time just watching.

Riley's Last Dance Class

Riley loved having Grammy Mitzi as her teacher this year and learned a lot!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Stay At The Grigg's

Last week we got to go stay with Julie for a few days while Trev was in Florida. It was a great little vacation. Our kids had a blast together. We took them to the zoo which I have to say is a great little zoo. I stole these pics off Julie's blog since I forgot my camera. Anyway, they had some entertaining little monkeys that would come over and jump against the glass just to get a rise from the kids. They are still talking about the crazy monkeys! Anyway, we got in some quality time together and some good shopping while the kids had fun doing everything from riding bikes to even riding sleds down the dirt hill across the street. I guess that's what they do in Idaho. (I can't believe I never did that as a kid.) It was so funny to watch once I got over them getting filthy dirty. They got going as fast as they would on the snow, just a lot dirtier. Thanks, Jule, for a great vacation!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The NeverEnding Stomach Flu

Have you ever heard of a flu like this? Two weeks ago Riley threw up a few times. Then she had diarrhea that has lasted for 12 days! Then she started puking again for two days. What is the deal? We have been to the Doctor and everything, but haven't heard any results from our "sample" yet. Anyway, it has been a long two weeks and I have cleaned up every sort of bodily fluid you can imagine (which I have to say is 10x worse when you're pregnant.) And I feel so sorry for her. Anyway, to top it off, Trevor has been away for work for the past two weeks through all of this. But he comes home tonight so I think I can make it that much longer. I know I can't complain, there are much worse things. I just needed to vent. I think I will probably sleep for 2 days straight when he gets here. Jade has offered to babysit so we can go somewhere without kids tomorrow... what a much needed break!

Happy Birthday Trev!

I just have to say Happy Happy Birthday to my husband, Trevor, who is 29 today! We love your guts out! Thanks for being so great!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Jade!

Hope you have a great one. You deserve it! Thanks for always being there for me. So glad we live close! Happy 26th!