Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our trip to Palm Springs

Two weeks ago I got to go to Palm Springs with my mother in law and 4 sister in laws and no kids!! (except a newborn). We stayed there 5 days and had a great time shopping and laying out at the pool. We got to go to Coronado right before we flew home. This is where we're at in the pic. I'm so sad our fun trip is over!

Wedding in Vegas

Last month we got to go to Trevor's old companion's wedding in Las Vegas. He is a Bolivian who met a girl from there. The wedding was at her house (she's a convert). Her house was amazingly huge and gorgeous with a big courtyard in the middle. We had a great time. After the wedding we all got to ride in a hummer limo down the strip and take pics. We were about the only sober people there, but it was a blast. The funniest thing was that a girl from my high school, Rachel Bomsta, was there (since she met Trevor's companion is South America too). It was so crazy to see her there. She had a great time dancing the night away. She is in one of the pics.

Great Grandma Crane's Animals

The kids love feeding all the animals at Great Grandma Crane's house. The baby sheep are so fun to watch right now.

Bear Lake

Memorial Day at Bear Lake

We never learn and always end up at Bear Lake for Memorial Day. It inevitably rains and we bare it and go home. Once again this year we camped there with Trevor's family. The kids were determined to play on the beach no matter how cold it was. They even got in the water (well, Luke fell in the water). Anyway, it was a fun adventurous weekend.

Luke's Gymnastics

These are pics of Luke's Gymnastics Performance. He loved Gymnastics especially the trampoline. He's very proud of his trophy and always asks when we are going to gymnastics again.

Riley's Gymnastics

Riley loved Gymnastics this year. Jade was her teacher and Riley had a blast. She learned a lot too. Go Jade! These are pics of her last Gymnastics Performance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Remember These Cute Aprons?

Well, we have them for sale now on my Website:
There are two so far to choose from. They look a lot cuter in real life than on my pregnant body! Use code ApronLover to save 10% on your order.

Monday, June 2, 2008

3-D UltraSound June 2, 2008

Today I got to have my 3-D Ultrasound. It was so different to not find out what the baby is, but I'm even more excited now. I didn't think I could ever wait to find out and I'm not the type that can wait for anything so I'm really surprising myself, but we are so excited to wait. And I guess when you have one of each already, that makes it easier so I'm really not that cool, but I'm proud of myself that I will be surprised by something for once in my life. Anyway, The baby was not cooperating much for the Ultrasound and would only lay face down, but we got a couple profile shots and a cute baby feet pic. Riley and Luke went with me and had so much fun seeing the baby on TV. They're just a little bit confused as to why we can't just have the baby right now. They ask the funniest questions like when I had to do my urine sample, Riley said "Mommy, are you going to pee the baby out now? I thought we couldn't have it until Halloween time..." Anyway, I'm more than halfway done. Yay!