Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding in Vegas

Last month we got to go to Trevor's old companion's wedding in Las Vegas. He is a Bolivian who met a girl from there. The wedding was at her house (she's a convert). Her house was amazingly huge and gorgeous with a big courtyard in the middle. We had a great time. After the wedding we all got to ride in a hummer limo down the strip and take pics. We were about the only sober people there, but it was a blast. The funniest thing was that a girl from my high school, Rachel Bomsta, was there (since she met Trevor's companion is South America too). It was so crazy to see her there. She had a great time dancing the night away. She is in one of the pics.


Julie said...

Still can't believe who you ran into! Love the dress and that is one nice, expensive tuxedo! Haha

Kelli and Quincy said...

What a fun wedding! You have already had so many fun trips this summer! I'm jealous. At least it is finally warm here! Cute dress.