Monday, August 27, 2007

Luke's2nd B-day

Luke had a great 2nd B-day on Aug. 19th. He got to open presents when he woke up, and then we went to church and didn't even make him go to nursery that day. He got to stay with us (Yay for us) Then we had a B-day party with our families at the park and he couldn't have had more fun. He had all his grandparents there and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a good day. I can't believe he's a 2 year old. That's the saddest part. But he's so much fun at this stage as well as so much trouble. He is the life of the party wherever he goes and has the funniest sense of humor. We love our Lukey!

Water V-Ball

Luke's new trike!

Opening Presents

Luke had plenty of help opening presents!

Eating B-day Cake--Riley's Favorite Part

Luke's Train Cake

So I'm not a pro cake decorator, but Luke doesn't know that

Blowing Huge Bubbles

The Pinata

The Pinata took forever to break due to my cheap plastic bat, but that just made the fun last longer... More details on Chelsea's blog...

Luke's B-day Party at the Park

We had a fun party at the park that night with cake and ice cream, water balloon games, bubbles, a pinata, and lots of family. Luke had a great time!

Happy Birthday Boy!

Leapfrog Toy

Luke got this Leapfrog toy that says his name and everything. It's great!

Luke's 2nd B-day

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Luke on the Zipline at Gymnastics

Riley and Luke took a mom and tot Gymnastics class with me this summer. They loved it! Luke's favorites were the tramps and foam pit so it got kind of hard to keep him interested in the bars for the first half of class, but he loved doing anything involving climbing, throwing, or rolling. (Typical Boy.) Riley loved everything and is going to take the 4 year old class starting next month. On the last day of class, the teacher let them do the zipline across the gym. They were the only 2 kids in their class who dared do it. They did it over and over (Thanks to Jade's help who was working there at the time) It's so funny to see these pics of their little legs dangling down.

Riley on the Zipline!

Riley on the tramp

Luke on the tramp

Riley in the Foam Pit

Luke trying to do the Crab walk at Gymnastics

Riley at Gymnastics

Tami Wakeboarding

Trev Wakeboarding

We went boating and wake boarding in the Mantua Reservoir with Chase, Ryan, and Chelsea. Besides being slimy, it was a great time.

Hawaiin Luau

For Trev's Nelson Family Reunion we had a Hawaiian Party at the park in Perry. It was lots of fun.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I got tagged by Jade...

Jobs I have had
1- Ice Chic (really my title)... bagging ice and delivering it around Garden City and Montpelier
2- Nanny in New York for the summer
3- Landfill Attendant (My favorite job, too, Jade!)
4- Flower Shops (Shonees I hated, Blush I loved)

Movies I could watch over and over
1-The Count of Monte Cristo
2-Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
3-Napoleon Dynamite

Guilty Pleasure's
1- Scrapbooking all day
2- Eating so many Chewy Chips Ahoys that Trevor has to hide them from me
3- Shopping way too much

Places I have lived
1- Bennington, Idaho
2- Logan, Utah
3- Chapaqua, New York
4- Phoenix/Maricopa, Arizona
5- Brigham City, UT

First thing I thought when I met my significant other
1-Stay Away! He's a cute RM who's way too nice
2-He 's so good looking... I couldn't even make eye contact for the first month we dated
3-He's way too preppy for me

Favorite Foods
1- Chicken Penne Alfredo
2- Calzones
3- BBQed Ribs

Placed Id rather be
1-On the Beach in Kauai

Now I'm going to tag 4 blog buddies

Trev and Tami at Bear Lake

Bill and his Victory Dance although he had no victory...

Trev doesn't kid around with Uno Attack...

Mckell and Chase's game faces

Uno Attack! We love this game!

These are Ryan and Chelsea's game faces...

Maddy and Riley playing at Bluewater

Bill and Mitzi

Only those who were in the storm would understand how bad it was...

This was just the beginning

And then the Sandstrom came...

We were all having a great time at Bear Lake hoping the clouds we saw to the west were going to stay over there. Then all of a sudden, there was pure chaos on the beach as the wind picked up sand and pelted our eyes and against our skin. Really, I have never seen anything like it. Our legs were burning, our kids were screaming, our stuff was flying everywhere, and all you could do was stand there and hold a towel against your kids and wait for it to pass. It took a long time and I'm just really glad it wasn't any worse. Trevor somehow managed to take these pics...

Our little Models

This is Riley with her cousins Emma, Maddy, and Sydney. It was so funny because when I said "Say Cheese" Riley, Maddy and Sydney all struck a pose in the sand. We all laughed...Maybe we take way too many pics of these girls... is that possible?

Trev and Luke building Sandcastles

Playing at Bear Lake

Playing at Bear Lake

Riley and Lauren (I think) at Raspberry Days

Chelsea's twins are so cute, but I still struggle telling them apart now that they are about the same size. They had on outfits that were a lot like Riley's shirt that day...

Riley on the slide at Raspberry Days in Bear Lake


Yes, we do have a slide with a pool of balls at the bottom in our living room. At least the kids have nonstop entertainment, right? That's what I tell myself as I pick up these balls over and over again...

Luke and Riley playing together

Luke loved dressing up as a Fireman

Playing Indians

Riley as Robin Hood or Peter Pan ...

Porter and Luke

Luke at the Treehouse Museum

My friend, Jade, and her two kids, Porter and Marli, invited us to go to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden last week. The kids had so much fun they could've stayed there all day.

Pretty Alaska

Chase and Trev... While they were in Alaska, Chase got his mission call to the Netherlands!!

Pimp Daddy fish slayer

Trev gave his own title for this one...



Trev, His Dad, and Chase

Trev In Alaska

Trev went to Alaska with his Dad and his brother, Chase, in July for ten days. He's pretty proud of all the fish they caught. We eat Salmon and Halibut for dinner every night. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Purse Invitations

I made these little purse invitations for our Mother Daughter Primary Activity Days Party. They took me so long to make that I figured I would at least take a pic of them all.