Friday, August 14, 2009

Personalized Money

Check out this fake money you can create at It's so easy!

These are now what my kids earn as their rewards for doing chores and being good. Then they can come to the Reward Store for their pick of a reward and pay the price. Like a half an hour of playing the XBOX is $1. Having a friend over is $2.

They get one dollar each time they earn 5 magnets. Luke has 5 truck magnets and Riley has 5 car magnets. The magnets live on the fridge and get to be put on a little magnetic board anytime they are good and get put back on the fridge for bad behavior. You get the point. I am definitely not the expert on well behaved kids, but I do know this money is super cute and I have been able to run errands with almost no problems with all 3 kids in tow now. You can work it however you want, but when your kids see their picture on a dollar bill that they get to spend, you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preschool Activity Bags

Just had to post these fast... I made them with a group a few months ago. We searched and searched for these pencil cases to put them in. Some people paid $2 a piece for them. Well right now in Walmart's Back to School section they are only 25 cents! A great deal! Go get 'em!

So Preschool Activity Bags or Kits are an ongoing idea where you put together a few easy educational kits together for your kids. They only get to have them at certain times like church, at home when you are playing with them or when you are going to pull your hair out and need something for them to do. Anyway there are tons of ideas online if you google preschool activity kits or bags. Here is one to get you started. They are addicting and so fun. Dollar stores are a great place to get your supplies and or ideas. My kids LOVE these!

Also, so fun to make in groups. We met together and had one person make the same kit for everybody else and then trade a few days later. We ended up with great stuff for cheap!

And, if you aren't interested in the Preschool Kits... just think of the small piece toys you could organize with these 25 cent bags or anything else you could organize. Seriously I think they are the greatest and I am trying to think of more things to do with them while they are there because after school starts they will be so expensive and hard to find. Maybe I am weird but I love finds like these!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not much Sleeping Going on

How could I get mad when I walked into the boys room and saw this when they were supposed to be asleep? (in their own beds!) They were laughing so hard.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Vinyl Decals

A lot of people have been asking about vinyl decals. Here they are! VINYLTOUCHES.COM
(Oh yeah, if you use the code ILOVEVINYL at checkout you get free shipping on orders $20 and up.)