Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bear Lake

Riley and Luke at Bear Lake. This was our first time there this summer. It was a gorgeous day and the water wasn't too cold suprisingly. We had a good time.

Luke at Bear Lake

Riley at Bear Lake

Bear Lake

Riley and Luke had so much fun with Sydnee, Madie, Emma, Grammy and Chase at Bear Lake last weekend. This is a fun floaty Grammy brought for them to play in.

Luke's First Time Fishing

Luke's face says it all. He was ecstatic the first time we took him fishing in Mantua. He was having fun even before he caught a fish. Trevor says he and Luke are going to have so much fun together as he gets older. Maybe he'll even get to go on an Alaska trip someday.

West Yellow Stone

This was our latest family picture taken. We went to West Yellowstone and Island Park with my sisters families for Memorial Day. We slept in a tent and everything. It was really fun until the last night when Riley woke up in the night and puked all over Trevor and I.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Coming Soon...