Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow Fun

Snowmobiles, Sleighriding, Snowball Fights, Building Snowmen...
Riley and Luke have loved playing in the snow this year. Next is skiing. I can't wait to take them. (First Trev and I have to stop arguing over whether they are going to ski or snowboard.)


We had a great Christmas shared with Trevor's family and my family and our own little family Christmas morning. It was so much fun having Santa come and watching the kids. Besides me having strep throat and a root canal during the holidays, everything was great!

Our Family Party Sleighride

For our family Christmas Party, my parent's neighbor took us on a real horse drawn sleigh ride. We had a blast. Halfway through, he stopped the sleigh in the field and went and jumped on an ox's back. We were all a little shocked at first, but it seemed nice enough. Then Luke said he wanted a ride so he let him on. I was a little reluctant to put my 2 year old on the back of an ox, but how often in your life do you get to ride an ox? Riley wanted a ride too after that and some of the older kids did. They also got to sit on the horses. A great time was had by all.


When we saw Santa at the mall, only Riley like him. Luke wanted nothing to do with him (except the fre candycane). Then when we went to my parent's Ward Christmas Party they both sat on his lap.

Riley's Preschool Christmas Program