Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally, Some New Posts!

So I got sick of everyone asking me to update my blog and so I spent all night tonight doing it. :) I meant to do it for awhile, but things have been hectic with moving and everything. I pretty much posted our whole summer happenings. I can't believe it's basically over, but we are excited for Fall. We will be having our baby Oct 7th or 8th which is coming right up. I am big and fat as ever and can't wait to not be pregnant. I know Riley and Luke are excited to have me normal again and not constantly asking them to pick things up for me. I know Trevor is so ready. We can't wait to find out what our little surprise will be. We've had a great summer. Here are the kids jumping on our new trampoline. They spend so much time on there and can do flips and everything already. It's kind of nice to have an outlet for all that energy instead of our poor couches. Now that I've done all my postings I can finally check out everyone else's blogs again. Sorry I've been so behind.

Pics of My Family Reunion in Bear Lake

The Box Elder County Fair

Last Friday we went to the fair with Bill and Mitzi and our friends, Jade and Todd. Our kids had so much fun with Porter and Marli at the carnival.

The Dinosaur Park

We got to go to the Dinosaur Park once again with my sister Julie and her kids and our friend Tricia and her kids. We had a great time with 7 kids under 7.

Luke's 3rd B-day

Luke had an action packed 3rd B-day. First he got to open a few gifts and was so excited to see all the Wall E. decorations all over the house. In the breakfast blessing he said "And thank you for Wall E. and Eva...". Anyway, then we met Chelsea and Lindsay and all their kids at McDonald's for lunch. He had so much fun playing with his cousins and loved his new Wall E. pillow and lunch set from Chelsea. We had a little party that night at our house. He finally got his little robot Wall E. he's been wanting. He played with it in his bed until about 11PM. Then we finally ended our long fun Birthday. We love our little Lukey!

The Wall E. B-day Party

The Wall E. Cake

Luke has been begging for a Wall E. B-day Party ever since he saw the first preview for the movie Wall E. He is obsessed with everything Wall E. So, he got to have a Wall E. Party and I made a sad attempt at his Wall E. Cake. Good thing he's only 3 and didn't know any better.

B-Day Party

He had a fun Wall E. B-day party that night...


As part of our Reunion we went to my Dad's big work party where the kids got to go fishing. They each caught 3 fish.

Our Family Reunion

Here are some pics of my family reunion in Bear Lake. Some of the highlights for the kids were hiking up the canyon with my Dad and riding in Uncle Kacey's semi, playing at the lake, and going fishing.

Playing at Bear Lake

We had my family reunion in Bear Lake a couple weeks ago. Here are the kids at the beach. They had a great time with this poor little frog they found which incidentally died in the end. Yes, Riley is even kissing him. Where is her mom? Oh yeah, taking pics...

Our New House

We officially moved to a new place last month. We have rented out our townhouse and now get to live in a real house again. It is so exciting to have a garage and have everything on one level (besides the basement). We love our neighborhood and are so excited to have our friends, Tricia and Callin, living just 4 houses down the street now. Our kids love having a yard and a place to ride their bikes and lots of neighbor friends. We are really enjoying living here!

Riley's Coloring Contest

Riley and Luke both entered the coloring contest at the Circus we went to. It was so fun when the guy on stilts came out and announced that Riley had won the contest. She got to go up and get a toy trumpet. She was so proud. Luke pouted the rest of the time because he didn't win, but he got to play with the trumpet too. It was so fun to have her win her first contest. She says she won because her clown looked just like a real clown so they picked her.

The Circus

We went to the funnest little circus this summer. It was one of those little ones inside the big tent where you can be really close to everything. Our kids loved it. They even got to ride ponies there.

One of our Last Days in our Townhouse...

This is us just sitting outside before church on our last Sunday in Brigham City. (Luke is trying to cut my hair because I had just gotten done cutting some of his little stragglers off.)

Riley's T-Ball

Park City

Playing Tennis

Riley and Luke played tennis for the first real time this summer when we went and stayed in Park City with Trevor's parents and Ryan and Chelsea. They absolutely loved it and did pretty well. With a Grammy like Mitzi they are bound to do well at it I hope. (Unless they got my genes in that area!) Anyway, with Riley's cute tennis outfits, I don't care if she's good or not. She sure does look cute playing anyway. Luke keeps asking for a tennis outfit for him. I'm not sure what to do for that. He looks cute enough with his little racket.

Swimming Lessons

Dinosaur Park

4- Wheeling In Mantua

Riley's T-Ball

Riley played T-Ball for the first time this summer and really liked it. I think the treats at the end of each game were her favorite part, but she did pretty well too. Luke loved going and watching, but he really wanted to play. He still asks me when he will have his own baseball team...