Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Luke on the Zipline at Gymnastics

Riley and Luke took a mom and tot Gymnastics class with me this summer. They loved it! Luke's favorites were the tramps and foam pit so it got kind of hard to keep him interested in the bars for the first half of class, but he loved doing anything involving climbing, throwing, or rolling. (Typical Boy.) Riley loved everything and is going to take the 4 year old class starting next month. On the last day of class, the teacher let them do the zipline across the gym. They were the only 2 kids in their class who dared do it. They did it over and over (Thanks to Jade's help who was working there at the time) It's so funny to see these pics of their little legs dangling down.


Chelsea said...

what brave little monkies! I don't know if I'd even dare:) CUTE pictures!!!

Jade and Todd said...

Those pictures turned out so cute!