Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Stay At The Grigg's

Last week we got to go stay with Julie for a few days while Trev was in Florida. It was a great little vacation. Our kids had a blast together. We took them to the zoo which I have to say is a great little zoo. I stole these pics off Julie's blog since I forgot my camera. Anyway, they had some entertaining little monkeys that would come over and jump against the glass just to get a rise from the kids. They are still talking about the crazy monkeys! Anyway, we got in some quality time together and some good shopping while the kids had fun doing everything from riding bikes to even riding sleds down the dirt hill across the street. I guess that's what they do in Idaho. (I can't believe I never did that as a kid.) It was so funny to watch once I got over them getting filthy dirty. They got going as fast as they would on the snow, just a lot dirtier. Thanks, Jule, for a great vacation!


Dave and Christine said...

i think a vacation to go see a sister is one of the best vacations you could get. I love sisters!!!! By the way sorry we couldn't make it to dinner the other night. We would have if it had been any other time. I hope you guys still got out and did something! Hopefully we can do something soon.