Friday, May 9, 2008

The NeverEnding Stomach Flu

Have you ever heard of a flu like this? Two weeks ago Riley threw up a few times. Then she had diarrhea that has lasted for 12 days! Then she started puking again for two days. What is the deal? We have been to the Doctor and everything, but haven't heard any results from our "sample" yet. Anyway, it has been a long two weeks and I have cleaned up every sort of bodily fluid you can imagine (which I have to say is 10x worse when you're pregnant.) And I feel so sorry for her. Anyway, to top it off, Trevor has been away for work for the past two weeks through all of this. But he comes home tonight so I think I can make it that much longer. I know I can't complain, there are much worse things. I just needed to vent. I think I will probably sleep for 2 days straight when he gets here. Jade has offered to babysit so we can go somewhere without kids tomorrow... what a much needed break!


Callin and Tricia said...

You poor thing. I am sorry to hear about your sick little girl, and you being pregnant and having to do it all. I hope next week is better. When I'm your neighbor I'll help out. You're lucky to have Jade there. What a good friend.

The Jones Family said...

That is no fun at all! Aidan was sick last weekend and Cam was gone. He didn't have the flu, just a bad cough that would make him puke! Its rough when your hubby isn't there to help. I hope Riley feels better soon!


I'm telling you there's something about Utah and Idaho and sickness. Everytime we go home Blake gets sick. Last summer when we got home from visiting Blake had diareha for a month!!! It was a nightmare! I feel for ya girl.