Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Aprons Don't Get any Cuter Than This!

Check out this Apron Pattern. I've been looking for a good apron pattern for awhile now and I've finally found it! I've already ordered the pattern if anyone wants to come over and have a sewing night and try to figure this out. Pretty sure my Mom is going to have to help me a bit. It's reversible and everything! I'm so excited! I found it at and it's on


Tim and Clarissa "Las Ristras Locas" said...

Those are way cute! I wish I could come make aprons with you! I hate living so far away!


Michael and Cordie said...

I think I might actually enjoy cooking if I were wearing one of those cute aprons, those are the cutest aprons I have ever seen!

Amy said...

I already ordered this pattern and am working on one. So cute. We'll have to compare notes when they are done.