Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McKade At 4 Weeks. . .

Can roll from Belly to Back
Loves to Eat (still 3 times a night)
Still sleeps about 75% of the time
Is a great baby (now I probably jinxed him)
Gets held by Riley and Luke over and over througout the day
Still makes my favorite grunts and squeaks and purrs like a kitty when he sleeps
Is very dramatic with his funny facial expressions and sounds
Could not be any sweeter


Nate and Jilleen said...

He is such a cute little thing!!

Rich and Tyra said...

Oh, he is cute! He looks a lot like your other 2! What a sweetie!!!

beck said...

I would have to agree with the other cute and looks just like your other kiddos!! Fun fun!

Kelli and Quincy said...

Is he really already rolling over? CRAZY!! He is soo precious. I miss him! I am so excited for him and Raddles to play together.

Julie said...

Had such a fun weekend! Thanks for everything!