Sunday, November 9, 2008

Madagascar 2

Luke is obsessed with Madagascar. He would watch it every day if I let him. So we had to make it to the premier night of Madagascar 2. It was hilarious. I would say even better than the first. I loved the soundtrack especially. You have to see it!


Ben and Lisa said...

I took Cooper to this on Saturday and we loved it! He used to be obsessed with Madagascar, too, but it had faded over time. As soon as he saw the trailer for the new one, he was so excited! Now all he talks about is Alex and Marty. We'll have to get Luke and him together for a Madagascar party some time!

Julie said...

We loved it too! So fun, can't wait to buy it!

Joanne said...

The boys have been begging!!! I am having a Twilight Party this Saturday and they will watch Madagascar with Paul. I have been using Madagascar to bribe my kids. Which I often do. Anyways, they are so excited. They said I can watch it again after I watch Twilight.