Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Super Saturday Enrichment Ideas

I have been crazy the past couple of weeks trying to come up with ideas for our Super Saturday. This is what I've come up with. I would love to hear your honest opinion and comments! For the Snowmen Kits, we are collecting Baby Formula Scoops for the pipes. If you have any you want to donate, let me know! Sorry, these items are only available to the lucky girls in my ward. (Or unlucky depending on if they like them or not) But if you want any info as to where to get some of the items, leave me a comment and I will try to get back to you.

A lot of people have asked so here are the Printable Muffin #s. This is the Link where I got the idea.
I printed the #s on cardstock and used a big circle punch to punch them out. There's a video and then instructions on the link. Basically you cut out twenty four 2 1/4" squares out of cardstock and then use a corner rounder. They did circles and squares, I simplified to just squares. Then you glue the # circle on top and add a couple strips of adhesive magnet on the back. (Comes in the roll at Walmart). Then you can embellish as much or little as you want. We found the muffin tins at Walmart for 4.99.

Muffin Tin Numbers

Here is the Personalized Menu Form. Print this off and add the personalization. Then put it inside a 8.5x11 plexi glass magnetic frame at Walmart. They are $3 in the frame section. Add a dry erase marker with some sticky velcro and some ribbon. It is helpful to put a glue dot on the frame bottom edge to hold the paper inside tight.

Personalized Menu Form


Rich's ScrapBlog said...

Wow! You have gone to a lot of work. That is so fun to look at! You did a great job! Your relief society will love it, they are so lucky to have you.

Chase and McKell said...

OK Tam. I would like one of EVERYTHING! Seriously so cute. You have been one busy woman! I tried to call ya, call me when you get a chance :)

Tim and Clarissa said...

This is so awesome! I was seriously just about to email you and ask if you had any good ideas for super saturday. I am in charge of it in my ward and need some good "fresh" ideas! Could you tell me more about the advent calendar? What are the colored squares made out of? Are the circles glued on? Are the numbers printed on paper? Are the squares magnetic? If you could just explain I would be so grateful! I would love to do that in our ward too!


Tim and Clarissa said...

You are the best Tami! I knew I could count on you!!!! Everyone is so excited for the christmas countdown in my ward. Thanks a bunch. I'm so excited to do this project!


Lindsay said...

Wow! You are awesome! Good job! You can now take over my enrichment for me!!!!

amyburb said...

Hi there--I just found your blog from a search and love your ideas. I am in charge of a SS and am wondering if you have a great system for taking orders or have a time schedule print-out that you do. This part is the hardest for me! Thanks so much!

Mimi Lee said...

Hi Tami! You don't know me, my name is Jamie Hendricks. I know your husbands family. Chelsea actually took our pictures not too long ago!

I am the enrichment leader in my ward in Perry. I was hoping you could help me with the muffin tin project. Maybe give me some tips on what the easiest way to do it is.

Also, I am in need of some vinyl for another project. If you go to sistersstuff.blogspot.com and then click on the super saturday ideas label you'll see a pizza countdown. Could you give me a price on how much that vinyl would be, if not that exact something similar! Wow, that was long, sorry I didn't see an email address. I would love to post your muffin tin on my blog if that would be ok. I will link back to you! Please let me know!

Thanks Jamie

Julie said...

Tami, I wish I was in your ward! I want to make an order! You really nailed it with the great ideas.

doni said...

The other day I was visiting Cordie's blog and I had a spare min. to scan her sidebar (which I never have time to do.) I clicked here and I am glad I did. I am the Enrichment councelor in my ward and we have a Christmas Craft activity the 1st of Nov. We are also in the process of finding a new Enrichment leader so I have been quickly trying to find some things on my own. Anyway, thanks for sharing I might have to use a few of these.

jjmarley said...

Hi there! I found your blog while searching for Super Saturday ideas. I love the advent calender on the muffin tins and actually made one last saturday! LOVE IT! I was wondering where you found the circle and square punches.

Angie said...

Hi, I was just looking for Super Sat. ideas and came across your blog...could you please tell me where you got the 12x12 tile and the vinyl kit I am interested in, for $7.00 that is great...please email me asap to angieduerden@hotmail.com thanks


Chaundell Monn said...

I love that snowman kit. Where did you get the items in your kit? I would love to do that as christmas gifts this year!

Tami said...

Snowman Kit Supplies:
We got the hats and carrots from OrientalTrading.Com. Not sure if they still sell them. You can also make your carrots out of wood.
The scarves are a piece of fleece cut
The eyes are briquettes
The mouth and buttons are are buttons I ordered in bulk off of ebay
The pipes are formula scoops spray painted black.

They were really fun to make. Still my favorite neighbor gift to give. Good luck.

Amy said...

Can I just say you are so creative and I love seeing all your cute Super Saturday ideas!! I was wondering if there was somewhere I could order the vinyl for the 12x12 tile. We aren't allowed to have Super Saturdays anymore in our ward so now I am on my own in trying to get inexpensive Christmas gifts. Hopefully one year they will listen to all the sisters complaining and change their minds.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the fun ideas! I tried to download the numbers for the muffin tin, but I couldn't get it to work. Is there anyway you can e-mail me a copy of the numbers? Thank you! mel_j_10@hotmail.com

Dana said...

I couldn't get the numbers to print either...can you e-mail them to me as well...dana_buck@hotmail.com...I am happy to pay you for them, too. Thanks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Anyway to get the numbers for no charge? Trying to do this for a Super Saturday project and need to keep costs at a minimum:) Thanks, paintchipqueen13@aol.com