Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vote For Luke!!

Luke has entered the Walking with the Dinosaurs contest on Good Things Utah. If he gets enough votes for his Dinosaur Roar Video we could win tickets to the show. If you want to cast your Vote click the link below. His video is called "Luke wants to see Walking with the Dinosaurs". If you click on the link below you can click on his video and watch it. Then if you click on the "Vote" Icon it will have you register to vote... Just wants your name, e-mail, and a couple items to get you registered. Then you can vote!

Thank you all for your votes so far!! Trevor's sister told me he was shown on Good Things Utah today, Wednesday. Maybe they'll show him again tomorrow. Keep on watching!

Click Here to See Luke's Video and Cast Your Votes!


Joanne said...

Jake would love to see this show!

The Jones Family said...

That's too funny! He sounds just like a dinosaur! What a cutie!

Lindsay said...

That is SO CUTE!!!