Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anyone Else have this problem?

I just took these two funny pics today. Let me explain... I have been upset that my kids ate their cute chocolate advent calendars from Grammy within 10 minutes one morning. Then I was upset that they made these cute advent calendar ribbons at preschool with a candy on the ribbon for each day and Luke quietly finished his up that afternoon in his bedroom. This is a pic of his ribbon as of today, the 18th. Well, then I saw this candy cane hanging on our tree. The cute Rudolph that they made with Aunt Julie a couple weeks ago was half eaten and hung back on the tree as if no one would ever know. Are they really that desperate for sugar? I have to say no, because they have 6 cavities between the two of them. So anyway, I was a little frustrated until I saw my cousin, Anne Marie's post about her kids eating their advent calendars already and even her helping. I laughed so hard and then realized it really is funny. We will work on the self control issue later. It's the holidays!


Julie said...

Okay that's's so us when we were little. Nothing would last more than one day. And the half eaten Rulolph kills me. Remember when I ate candy out of your baby book that was like 5 years old and then the gum you were saving while Brett was on his mission?! Too funny!

Kelli and Quincy said...

I LOVE IT!! I remember sucking on the suckers on our sucker tree and then putting them back real quick when mom walked in. They had no wrappers so why not? Don't worry... it was only all the red ones.