Monday, March 31, 2008

Luke's E.R. Trip

Sunday morning we were almost completely ready for church when Riley and Luke were pushing each other around in the curtains that hang in front of our Laundry closet. Well, Luke lost his balance and fell backwards against the sharp corner of the wall. I picked him up and held him while he cried like I do eighty times a day, not thinking anything was new. Then Trevor came by and asked me why I had blood all over in my hair. Then I looked down and it was on my hands. Then I made Trevor look at the back of Luke's head (since everyone who knows me, knows I am not good with blood--I'm so glad Trevor was there). The next thing I know we're in the E.R. The funny thing is when we were waiting, Trevor took this pic and Luke looked up and said "Cheese" just like normal. Anyway, the Doctor had to put a staple in his head. Instead of going through 4 shots of anesthesia, we opted for the just get it over with option that the Doctor said was best. He snuck up behind Luke while I was holding him and put the staple in. They wanted to do two, but said one looks like it will hold it. Luke screamed and then pointed at the doctor and said "He hit me! He hit me!" It was sad, the poor little guy. Later the same day, he fell flat on the back of his head running across the kitchen floor and made it bleed all over again. So I made him a turbin of gauze to wear for the rest of the day. Now I am just holding my breath for 9 more days until we get to take it out!

Just playing Around

My Cute New Neice, Sophie

She was born last Tuesday. She has as much hair as a two year old. Isn't she adorable?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heard the News?

Since I'm getting huge and can't possibly hide it anymore, we made the announcement this weekend that I'm pregnant! We're due October 22ndish for Baby #3. I'm way excited/overwhelmed. Trevor is excited and swares it's a boy and won't consider anything else. Riley and Luke have fun talking to my belly and kissing it. Luke likes to feed my belly apples and play with it. It's hilarious. I have felt so good, just very very tired and always freezing cold. Anyway, I am about 10 weeks now and almost through the yucky stage--yay!


We spent Eater with both my family and Trevor's family. We colored eggs and had an indoor egg hunt at my parent's (since they still have 3 feet of snow!). Then we went to church and had lunch with them. We had an egg hunt at Trevor's Grandparent's house and then had dessert at his parent's. The kids had such a great time!

My Apron--The finished Product!!

Last weekend my Mom helped me make my apron. It turned out so cute. The halter strap was a little tricky, but thanks to my Mom, we figured it all out. I absolutely love it!

2 1/2 Dozen Roses!

These are the flowers Trevor sent to me the other day just to be nice. I was so excited I cried. Thanks, Trev for being so great!

This is where I found Luke the other day...

Staying at Julie's

We stayed at Julie and Roman's in Idaho Falls a couple weeks ago and had a great time!