Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our 12 Foot Christmas Tree!

Hey I found a plus to living in our townhouse. With 12 foot ceilings you can have a 12 foot Christmas tree. At least this is what my Dad informed me when he brought me this tree he cut for me. Yes, it's real! I'm a go real or go home kinda girl. Just kidding. Anyway, hours later, it was decorated and I love it. It's probably not most peoples style, but I finally like my tree and I never really have before. Anyway, here it is. My sister made me post it.


Michael and Cordie said...

Let me be the first to say I LOVE IT!!! It is one amazing tree, my tree would look so sad next to yours! Good job!

Tim and Clarissa "Las Ristras Locas" said...

Tami I love your tree. Everything you do is so crafty. I am so jealous of you!


Dave*Jenn*Amelia said...

I think your tree is awesome!!!! I'm jealous that it's real. We broke down & bought a fake one. We were tired of paying $40 each year for a tree. I would love it if my dad would cut down my Christmas tree for me. What a nice dad.

Laci said...

So So cute!! Your have great style! I Love everything the colors look great and that tree has a cute shape!

Chelsea said...

BEAUTIFUL:) I'm sure it is fun to have the real yummy smell in your house! good job