Friday, September 28, 2007

Sorry, this is kind of gory. And I never thought I would remember to take pics during times like this, but while on the phone with the doctor, I snapped this pic. Luke just walked out of his room the other day with this gash on his head. Riley looked super guilty but then showed me that he tripped on the rug in his room and fell on his nightstand and cut his head open. Of all the million times he falls a day, it's the little fall that needed stitches. He was barely even crying when it happened, but getting stitches, he was hysterical. I did good until the needles came out. Then I had to sit in the corner. Luckily Trevor came home right in time and was there too. It was so sad, but today he got his stitches out and didn't even cry. We are glad that experience is over. The doctor said he could be Frankenstein for Halloween.


Trevor White said...

Oh poor little guy! Little boys play hard but they defiantly fall hard too. He is adorable even with the little Owie!!