Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was great this year. We made a lot of sugar cookies and pumpkin cookies, went to a lot of parties, carved a lot of pumpkins (not something Luke likes as you can see him gagging over the smell in the pics), painted pumpkins, Trevor even made pinatas with the kids, and wore costumes over and over (including spraying Riley's hair red--Something I will never do again after washing sheets, car seats, etc.)


Joanne said...

Seriously! 4 weeks already?...Anyways, he is so cute. I never had a chance to really look at him last week. It was also nice to see you. It is always nice to the fam. BTW, you look great after having a baby!

Kelli and Quincy said...

SOO cute! What a fun Halloween with all 3 little kiddies. The spider costume turned out great!